WOW! Did a Presidential Tweet Help Thousands Find Jesus?

Last week, President Trump tweeted that he was planning to watch Harvest Church with Greg Laurie online on Palm Sunday.

President Turmp's Tweet About Church Service

Following that tweet, 1.3 million people watched their online services, and 11,207 people indicated their desire to have a relationship with Christ!  Harvest Church wrote, “Many of our first-time visitors found us through the president’s tweet. The church shared one of the messages they received:

Thank you, Pastor Greg. I have been an atheist for 15 years and lately I’ve been questioning everything. I saw on FB that the president said he was tuning into Greg Laurie so I decided to tune in and right when Greg said, “Someone is watching who is scared of death and doesn’t know if they’re right with God.” I started to cry. I accepted Jesus into my heart. Thank you.

In a follow up blog post, Pastor Greg Laurie wrote about our current COVID-19 situation.

My message is that there is a God in Heaven who cares about us. That we can find hope in dark in difficult times with a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. I wrote an article where I asked the question, “Is the coronavirus bringing about a national spiritual awakening?” I think the answer may be yes.

I can tell that not only is our audience up, but there have also been many people saying they need and want God in their life.

Let’s all join in praying with Pastor Laurie that God will these times of uncertainty to bring about hope and faith for those who have lost it or never had it.

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