Start Your 15 Day Journey Through Forgiveness!

If you’ve ever been hurt. If you’ve ever hurt someone else. If you’ve ever been too hard on yourself. You’re in the right place.

Forgiveness – whether we embrace it or reject it – has a huge impact on our lives. This 15 day study dives into stories from your favorite Christian artists and personalities who have been there. They’ll share how God’s Word has challenged their perspective and transformed their lives through the power of this one word.

Step 1: Fill out the form below.

Join over 30,000 people nationwide who have taken part in the Forgiveness study.

Step 2: Get the daily e-mail devotions.

Inspiring stories and passages from Scripture will be sent right to your inbox every weekday morning for the 15 day study. You’ll get the first e-mail the day you sign up! 

Step 3: Respond.

As you grow, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to each day’s reading or share with friends who may need the message, too.

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