Week 2: Lies We Believe

Combatting the lie: God messed up when He made me.

If you don’t have all the answers, today’s video is for you. This is probably the most honest video you’ll find in the World’s Biggest Small Group Identity series because Hunter Hayes is very upfront about the fact that while he 100% believes in God, He is in the middle of struggles with doubts and and massive insecurities. He breaks down his song “Dear God” and tells stories about learning to ask God the questions we’re afraid to ask.


Hunter: “Andy [Grammer] posed the idea of ending the chorus with, “Dear God, are you sure you don’t mess up?” My fears obviously brought me to, “You should never say that in a song!” But my reality said, “Who doesn’t think that?” And I also feel like, and I’ve said this… I believe that God gives me big questions, ’cause if He couldn’t answer them, why would He give me big questions? And I believe that He can answer them. Maybe not in my time or the way I’d like Him to… If I deny Him a conversation, I’m denying Him the chance to teach me something…

The lies that I tell myself or I believe, who doesn’t have those moments like, “Yeah, but none of this makes sense!” … Just a week ago, I had a rough week and I thought, “I can’t beat this. And I should know better!” … Prayed about it, prayed about it, and kind of had to work myself through it… Even though your faith is unshakable, we’re meant to have questions, again, because I think we’re meant to grow…”

Justin: “God can use anything in our life to bring about something in us… I have a lot of those questions that you have in this song… Even if I don’t have the answer to the “why” right now, I do believe God can use these moments right now for something down the road to better me or someone else… It’s honestly refreshing to hear such honesty when it comes to our faith… God helps you to pray even when you don’t know how or what to say. Don’t be afraid to talk to God about your doubts, He will always be there to help you!”

Watch Hunter Hayes perform the song “Dear God.”


In week 2 of the World’s Biggest Small Group: Identity, we’re combatting the lies we so often believe and learning to replace them with truth. Here’s a verse to think on this week as we learn:

10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

(John 10:10 New Living Translation)

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Laura Huffstetler
Laura Huffstetler

God knows our thoughts already, so verbalizing what we are already thinking and feeling is being honest with God and ourselves. He can handle the questions, anger, doubt….look at David, Job, Abraham, Joseph, etc. I have yelled and cried out in anger and fear to Him…and he always answers. Whether through scripture, song or people. When you cry out to Him, expect an answer. Even if it is not the answer you want.

Cathy Scaggs
Cathy Scaggs

Excellent words.

Courtney Cain
Courtney Cain

Very honest and open are the words of Hunters song. I like knowing God is always there to carry on a conversation and see Him in small things. Praying that my heart will always stay open to seeing and hearing when the Holy Spirit moves in life around us. Thank you for sharing the “real” side of Jesus, He is there for us in our good moods and not so good moods. The anchor for me is the He is “always” there.


Wow, it’s crazy hearing someone else singing your thoughts. I hear all the time that I’m not alone and I have a very hard time believing it because nobody really seems to see things the way I do. I’ve never really heard anyone express their struggles the way I do. The way Hunter articulated his insecurities, I was like somebody gets it. Just wish I could push through them. Every insecurity and wrong choice just seems to swallow me up and no matter how much I try, I just can’t get out.

Rebecca (Rebie) Ikes

Sarah – please stay on this journey. Ask God the big questions! Cry to him! That’s what He wants and that is totally where healing and truth can start. I love that Hunter reminds us to be courageously real with God. He can handle it! Glad you’re here, Sarah!


Thank you so much for sharing