How Small Habits Make a Big Difference

“Habit” can sound like a nightmarishly boring word. We often admire free spirits with a flare for the spontaneous.

It’s understandable, but think about it. Boring habits like brushing our teeth and taking a shower are super important. They help us keep up with personal hygiene. They also help us get the lawn mowed, the trash taken out, etc. In other words, they’re all about maintenance.

What if we stopped using habits to just maintain? What if we used them to improve? Positive habits can impact our relationships, boost our health, and place us on a sure-footed path to accomplishing our dreams.

“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8 (NLT)

Easy Action Steps:
1. Look at your goals.
2. Write down a daily habit to get you closer to one of your goals.
3. Schedule your daily habit into each day.

What’s Coming Next:
We’ll show you some fun ways to get healthy.


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