Fun Ways to Get Healthy With the Family

If you want to make a fitness or health habit stick, make it enjoyable. Make it something you look FORWARD to. Something you GET to do, not have to do.

How often have you said, “I can’t wait to finish a ten-hour work day and head to the gym?”  

Right. Never. After a long day at work, almost no one wishes to be guided into literal pain by a personal trainer, limp out of there, and get home to get a late dinner on the table for hangry kids.”

5 FUN Ways to Get Healthy WITH the Family by Kelly Corday

1. Learn a new sport together.

When our youngest kids were in early grade school, we scheduled our first family ski trip. Our kids hit the bunny hill with the help of some patient coaches, and my husband and I signed up for lessons on slightly steeper hills. Within a day or two, we knew we had discovered an outdoor activity we all loved! It kept us active in the winter, and long lift rides meant meaningful and fun family talks.

 2. Develop your own family recipe book.

Gather some healthy recipes. Change them up a little. Give them some fun names. And your kids will feel a sense of ownership while preparing healthier food with you! Who wouldn’t want “Nathan’s Sloppy Salmon with Gooey Greens” from the Smith Family Cookbook?! Okay… Nathan could work on that title, but you get the idea.

3. Get a family gym membership.

My family did this as a way of coping with grief together after my husband passed away. A gym membership helped me find more one on one time with the kids, and we got to blow off some steam. We also got in shape.

4. Set aside several times a week for the family dance party.

Dancing is not only a great workout, but it also provides stress relief. And if you dance like me, you’ll provide laughter for the whole family! Put on WAY NOW and dance away!

5. Get bikes and make Saturdays “Family Ride Days.”

I picked up our first family bikes at a Goodwill store. Little guys and gals love the fresh air, and you get a workout in while taking in some bike trail beauty with your family.

-Kelly Corday from WAY-FM


What’s Coming Next:

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