Have you ever wondered, what Jesus was actually like here on earth? This 25 day study explores those questions. You’ll learn something new about Jesus every day through reading the book of Luke and hearing personal stories from WAY-FM DJs and artists who have encountered Jesus in their own lives.

I Want to Know More About Jesus!

Jesus Has Your Problem Under Control. | Wally

If you struggle with anxiety and figuring out God's will for your life - today's topic is for you!

Jesus Took Time to Grow. | Bekah

Do you ever find yourself doing one thing, but wishing you were somewhere else? Bekah (from The W

Jesus Won’t Ask You To Do Anything He Hasn’t Done Already. | Pastor Dave

Meet Pastor Dave! Not only does he make some great points about today's reading, but he shares his o

Jesus Was Tempted. | Carlos

Jesus can't possibly understand the temptations you face in today's culture... right? Carlos (from T

Jesus Came For Messed Up People. | Wally

When his brother went to prison, Wally (from The Wally Show) felt embarrassment and anger. But God

Jesus is the Most Trustworthy Person You’ll Ever Meet! | Aaron Shust

Maybe you've heard that we should "trust in Jesus." But do you? Aaron Shust digs into these question

Jesus Will Never Stop Loving You. | Mandisa

Mandisa sinned for 3 years straight. But did Jesus ever stop loving her? We’ll let her tell you ab

Jesus Knows You. | Justin Paul

If you've ever not gone to God about a problem because it seemed too small or unimportant, today's v

Jesus’ Plans Are More Important Than Yours. | Darren (We Are Messengers)

Maybe you've heard this before: Jesus' plans are always better. But that doesn't always mean they're

Rest With Jesus is Never Wasted Time. | Betty Rock

If you've ever felt too busy or every felt guilty for "wasting time" - Betty Rock (from The Wally Sh

Even Jesus Relied on Prayer. | Mac Powell

Prayer is so important, even Jesus did it. Jesus is God, but even He relied heavily on time spent pr

You’re Gonna Meet Jesus Someday in Person. | Carlos

We get to meet Jesus in person! This is cause for incredible excitement, but also a serious heart ch

Jesus Makes Judgment calls. | Justin Paul

Justin Paul (from WAY-FM) was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he saw an old friend was bac

Jesus Doesn’t Care About Your Status. | Joy Summers

Do you find yourself busy with a lot of important things, but you're still left feeling drained and

Jesus Parties When a Lost Person Comes to Him! | Carlos

Following Jesus is a serious thing - but sometimes we can take it too seriously. Carlos (from The Ca

Jesus Believes the Word of God is Powerful! | Kirk Cameron

What does it take to convince someone that Jesus is who He says He is? Kirk Cameron dissects a bizar

Jesus Gives More Grace Than You Realize. | Matthew West

Is there a part of your life that you don't think Jesus can use? You downplay this aspect of your st

Jesus Wants Us to Persevere – Even When We Don’t See an Answer. | Betty Rock

Are you waiting for an answer? Betty Rock (from The Wally Show) knows what it's like to wait and no

Jesus Was Emotional Too. | Jason Gray

Jason Gray shares how he finds comfort in the way that Jesus handled emotions. He says this truth "c

Jesus Might Leave You Speechless. | Brant Hansen

"Brant, why are you still a Christian?" Today's topic explains one of the reasons that Brant continu

Jesus Doesn’t Leave Us Hanging. | Matt Hammit

Sometimes it would be easier to stop trying so hard to follow Jesus. Matt Hammit (writer and vocali

Jesus Understands Your Agony. | Bekah

Bekah (from The Wally Show) tells a story about one of the darkest times she cried out to God. ht

Jesus is Powerful Enough to Make Something Awesome From Any Situation. | Jason Gray

This is Jason Gray's favorite passages of Scripture. He explains how the darkest, most tragic moment

Jesus is Still Here. | Joy Summers

When Joy Summers (from the CJ & Joy Show) was lead to move states away from a place she loved, s

Find Out What Jesus is Really Like!

Have you ever wondered, what Jesus was actually like here on earth? This 25 day study explores t