Where is God When Rape Happens? | Can I Ask You Something?


CONTENT ADVISORY: While Jenni is not explicit or graphic in telling her story, parts of this content may be unsuitable for some audiences.

Jenni Jessen, a human trafficking advocate and survivor, has a story that is full of darkness and evil, but it is still full of hope and redemption. Even though her own Christian grandfather trafficked her, Jenni has been able to trust God’s goodness and mercy.

If you’ve ever wondered how God allows such evil in the world, or how to forgive someone that has wronged you, then this conversation is for you.

Jenni has more than 20 years of experience fighting human trafficking. She and her husband founded their own non-profit in 2011 and have been housing, educating, discipling the young women that have been rescued.

You can learn more about their work with Compass 31 here. Get book Jenni’s about her life “The Lucky One.”

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