The Worship Session From Lauren Daigle’s Living Room We All Need


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Let the peace of Christ rule within your hearts and minds.

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Lauren Daigle posted this live worship and prayer session during election day as she processed the current events and during it she states, “[During my bible study we were talking about] being silent in times when the wicked are loud. I’m not saying Trump supports or Biden supports are wicked. I’m saying the Spirit behind all the chaos, all the dissension….. it’s not the design of God’s kingdom.”

The recording is worth sitting through if you haven’t already. It’s not like the noise has quieted since last week. But now Lauren’s going on a social media fast to “reflect on the good” & maybe we should all join her in being more engaged with the gifts around us.

Lauren Daigle’s Grandma Will Make You Think About What Really Matters
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