Powerful Video of Congresswoman Praying for Protection From Inside the Capitol Building

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, the Democrat representative from Delaware, was stuck inside the capitol building as people were violently making their way inside. In the midst of her fear and worry, she prayed, unapologetically that god would protect her and her coworkers:

Father God,
You are all powerful. We know all things work together for the good, so we trust in you right now in the name of Jesus – that You have this under control.
Right now in the name of Jesus! All things work together. All things!
Peace! Peace in the land. Peace in this country. Peace in this world.
Lord, we ask you for a healing. Right now. Right now in the name of Jesus!
Lord, protect those who are trying to protect us. Protect all of our brothers and sisters in this congress, Lord, who protect America.
We just thank you. We praise You! We give you all honor and glory because You are powerful above all. We thank you right now in this moment.

Rep. Rochester was scared for her life in that moment, and her response was to pray. An important reminder that we should all learn from. God is our protector and, no matter how overwhelming things seem, He is a source of peace and hope.

If you need prayer, or want to pray for others, visit our prayer wall.

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