How We The Kingdom Wrote “Dancing on the Waves” Before They Were a Band


Hear the story behind the song that started it all.

Each member of We the Kingdom had just walked through a hard season and “Dancing on the Waves” is a reflection of those trials and the emotions you may feel in the midst of them, but God, in all His love and power will chase you down to show you the love He has for you.

Thank you, We The Kingdom, for the beautiful reminder that no matter how weak we may feel, God is more than able to help us “dance on the waves.”

“I’m reaching out
I’ll chase you down
Come on, I dare you to believe
How much I love you
Oh I love you
Don’t be afraid
Know that I am your strength
We’ll be walking on the water
Dancing on the waves”

We The Kingdom Rocks Freebird and Coldplay | Songs from a Mug
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