Comedian Michael Jr.’s First Attempt at Vlogging is Pretty Hilarious

“I’m not supposed to sing. The dude in the car already does that.”

Michael Jr.’s first foray into vlogging wonderfully pokes fun at this style of video that has come into popularity in recent years. He tries out all the tropes himself while trying to find his own style. He asks for suggestions from people on his airplane, he tries vlogging from his car and while working out, he even tries doing an unboxing video. Not to mention selecting his camera and editing style.

In every episode, Michael Jr. takes some time to give a little advice at the end. In this episode, it turned out pretty funny:

“They told me to say something meaningful at the end. Sometimes you gotta jump in, and get in where you don’t even fit in. Because what’s most important in life, is that you walk around with open arms. What does that mean? How are you going to fit through the door?”

You can find more from Michael Jr. on his Youtube Channel, and his podcast Michael Jr. Off the Cuff.

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