Church Gives 100,000 Pounds Of Food Away And Two Cars

i5 Church in Maryland partnered with Joyce Meyer Ministries to give away 100,000 lbs of food and two brand new cars to their community. The church website states, “God has called us to be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus. We do this by meeting practical needs in our community. And all this can be seen in our name ‘i5.’ The ‘I’ stands for IMPACT, and the ‘5’ is the five missional ways we impact the world: Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, and Care. We are not just a church that does outreach. We are an outreach powered by a church. We live beyond ourselves, love beyond our preferences, and laugh beyond our struggles.”

COVID has impacted economies all over the world – even those like Sweden whose businesses have never closed. People are just not out spending money like they were pre-pandemic and it’s our neighbors who are in need and God’s church who has an opportunity to meet those needs.

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