Can MercyMe Guess Their Own Songs? | Song Battle

Are you MercyMe‘s biggest fan? Here’s the ultimate test. Can you guess MercyMe songs faster than Bart, Mike, Barry, Nathan, Robby, and Bekah from WayFM? Play along and hear the stories behind some of your favorite songs! What songs would you have added to this playlist?

2000s Christian Song Battle ft. MercyMe

🛑 Spoiler Warning: Songs and albums from this Song Battle can be found below!

00:49 “Grace Got You” – Lifer

01:39 “Word of God Speak” – Spoken For

02:45 “On Our Way” – inhale (exhale)

04:00 “I Can Only Imagine” – Almost There

05:00 “Then Christ Came” – Always Only Jesus

06:21 “All of Creation” – The Generous Mr. Lovewell

07:41 “God With Us” – All That Is Within Me

08:57 “Greater” – Welcome to the New

10:14 “Even If” – Lifer

11:45 “In the Blink of an Eye” – Undone

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