Blessing Offor Answers Google’s Top Questions

If you don’t know Blessing Offor from his hit song “Brighter Days” or his feature on TobyMac’s “The Goodness” then you might recognize him as a contestant on Season 7 of The Voice. With his recent success on Christian radio his name has been Googled by thousands of fans. Bekah from WayFM’s Afternoon Show went straight to the source for your most asked questions:

  • How did Blessing Offor lose his sight?
  • Is Blessing Offor his real name?
  • Did Blessing Offor win The Voice?
  • Is Blessing Offor married?
  • What country is Blessing Offor from?

Blessing shares a quote by Albert Camus that says, “Grief carves a canyon so that joy may overflow.” and shares how to have hope in the hard times.

How Well Does Blessing Offor Know the Top Christian Songs? | Song Battle
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