Baylor Wilson Shares CBS Survivor Secrets | This or That

What’s it like to actually be on the CBS show, Survivor? Christian singer Baylor Wilson was on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Season 29, with her mom Missy.

If you’re a Survivor fan, how would you answer these questions?

❓Do you prefer a physical challenge or a puzzle?
❓Which is more exciting: winning individual immunity or finding an idol?
❓Survivor G.O.A.T.: Boston Rob or Ozzy?
❓Would you choose fishing gear or food?
❓Which was more challenging: pre-merge or post-merge game?
❓More important: winning challenges or making alliances?
❓Is there always a camera crew around or do you get private time?
❓Is it reality TV or scripted?
❓Would you play again?

Hear Baylor’s Powerful Song “Jesus Happened”
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October 24, 2021 9:02 am

love it!

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