3 Things Lauren Daigle Learned From Social Media Fasting

For 21 days Lauren Daigle eliminated all social media from her life. Here’s what she learned:

1. Social media keeps our minds constantly comparing our life to the lives of others
2. Spending our time on social media bears no healthy fruit
3. Eliminating social media allows you to experience the freedom of enjoying your life without any “background noise”

Why Does My Identity in Christ Matter | Lauren Daigle
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October 1, 2020 9:20 pm

I’m with Lauren on this. 3 years ago, I found I was comparing my life to what others had posted on social media and became downcast wondering what was wrong with me. After fasting from social media and crying out to God, I realized I was looking at others when I lost sight of looking at God and all the blessings He has for me. I actually feel sorry for those who spend so much time on social media and not as much time on REAL relationships and time with the One who truly gives life.

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