Unplanned is an Important Movie to See

Last weekend Dumbo was the number one movie in theaters across America. It will likely be number 1 again this week. But I believe the movie that you must see is Unplanned.

Unplanned was a surprising number 4 at the box office last week and brought in over $6 million (which shocked Hollywood.)

Why do I think you should see this movie?

  • It’s not because I’m a rubber-stamp supporter of every single faith based movie that is released.
  • It’s not because Unplanned features the best acting, script-writing, directing, etc.
  • It’s not because there are great special effects.

The reason Unplanned is so important is that you will be impacted by what you see and you won’t be able to forget it.

Think about when you first viewed movies like Schindler’s List or Roots. You likely left the movie impacted with images in your mind that you will never forget. Much the same, Unplanned shows a very graphic abortion scene that you can’t un-see. Yes, those other movies certainly had bigger budgets and more widespread attention, but it’s undeniable that minds were changed and culture was influenced.

Could Unplanned change minds on abortion? I don’t know. It’s likely that mass audiences won’t see it.

I can only say this.

I can’t un-see it.

It has left an indelible impression on me that will impact me for years to come. Yes, I had heard about the process of abortion prior to the movie, but I’ve never seen it. I had no reason to see it. I’ve never imagined it.

The film tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years before becoming a pro-life activist. Abby recalled her days as a convinced abortion advocate who thought she was helping women. She said her life changed when she saw a baby fighting for its life during an abortion. “I understood the enormity of my actions,” she said. “I had to leave.” Witnessing the horror of the abortion was a watershed moment in her life.

Unplanned received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for “some disturbing/bloody images” related to abortion scenes. The movie has no MPAA cautions for profanity, nudity, sex or violence – except for violence directly associated with the abortion process.

According to Johnson, “No one will be able to walk away after seeing this movie and say, ‘I didn’t know!’”

That’s where I’m at. I have seen it. I now know.

Now, what am I going to do about it?

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JR Kirk
April 5, 2019 5:45 am

If you care about defending the rights of the oppressed and marginalized, you should take this movie in. I have been ask if I think the abortion debate is political. I work to say very little in the political arena. I learned a while ago I get to be known for one thing. I wish it were different but it’s not. Either I am known for loving people and sharing the gospel or I get to share another thing, like my political views. I decided to be careful and gentle on the political so I can share Jesus with those… Read more »

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