These Christian Artists Responding to Injustice Will Give You Hope

1.) Zach Williams


2.) Jamie Grace

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It’s so quiet in our house. It’s been a week that in ways, feels like it’s lasted years. There is a tension when we step outside, get a text alert or turn on the TV, never knowing if our brief moment of feeling joy will immediately shift back to grief. We feel afraid. This fear didn’t start this month… or year… yet with the increasing amount of innocent black lives taken we are consistently reminded that i could be next. He could be next. Sometimes i wonder how many years my daughter has before i start to think… “she could be next. Our fear doesn’t reduce our Faith. Our activism doesn’t diminish our salvation. Our voices don’t silence God’s. And i am thankful, that when we feel like we are at are lowest, we choose to press into God even more. This is a practice and a choice, but certainly not something we have perfected but this week — it has been our anthem. And right now, God’s peace is covering this house. We celebrated our nephew turning 1 yesterday. Due to the quarantine our families haven’t spent much time together and Isabella wanted to skip her nap and play – so we let her. She eventually crashed at 7pm and was wide awake at midnight. Aaron and i got up, thinking she would tire herself out by playing for an hour or so but that was far from her to-do list. So instead, he offered to stay up with her so i could sleep. And i gladly accepted, haha, falling asleep before i could even get back to the bed. They stayed up until 4am, and she woke up again at 8. And as frustrating as this story may sound, he and i kept laughing at how silly she was being everytime she popped her eyes open when she should’ve been asleep. They both crashed two hours ago. I’ve been doing some organizing and playing a video game (people keep telling me to rest so I’m trying!) and i couldn’t help but notice how quiet it is in this house. We’ve been crying. We’ve been angry at the news, but when we turn it off we’re still angry because our brothers are still gone. My husband needs rest. I need rest. My daughter needs rest because her parents do. And I’m so grateful. Because right now? It’s so quiet in our house. #findingquiet

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3.) Corey Asbury

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I believe this little black boy represents every black man and woman in America. “Why are they scared of us?” Perhaps that’s the question at the core of this whole issue… And what starts out as an innocent, honest question, when unanswered for decades, naturally turns into real pain and confusion. Today, we’re seeing the unreconciled hurt turn into anger all across our country. It makes perfect sense. It’s a natural progression. Little boys and little girls have grown old, and not much has changed. The hate and violence against their people has grown equally old. And hope deferred makes the heart sick. “You are made in the image of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Thanks for this @lecrae 💔💔😭😭

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4.) Lecrae

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Let’s keep it real.

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5.) Natalie Grant

6.) Austin French

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Black Lives Matter. I’m listening.

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7.) Tedashii

8.) Casting Crowns

9.) Phil Wickham

10.) TobyMac

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My heart is broken. We must speak out….we must.

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