The Sunday Scoop: The Ten Commandments

This content is from OPEN, a new online resource that serves as a guided journey through the Bible.
The Ten Commandments are not an arbitrary set of rules. They are a direct reflection of the character of God.

Why should you not commit adultery? Because God is faithful. Why should you not steal? Because God is trustworthy. Why should you not lie? Because God is truth. Why should you not covet? Because God is at peace and content in Himself.

When God said, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:3), it was because He is the only God. There is no one else like Him.

God was speaking to His own people at Mount Sinai, telling them, “You are My people; your lives must be modeled on who I am, and this is what a godly life looks like.”

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