The Most Refreshing Conversation on Race You’ll Hear All Day

Brant and Sherri have worked together for years now. In their recent podcast, they had an honest and truly helpful conversation about race, Charlottesville, and striving for unity and relationship.

Sherri shares personal stories that shape her struggles, Brant shares what he wishes the church would do in light of racism in the news and in our country, and they offer some really helpful answers from two unique perspectives.

Here is just a small excerpt:

Brant: Sometimes things that happen to a person come back in my face and I didn’t do it. But it doesn’t matter. And I need to forgive. Which is what a lot of white people ask black people to do… “You guys need to forgive and move on…” Well, I need to do that. It’s part of living with other humans…

Sherri: It’s very refreshing to hear someone say that because, as an African American person, it is difficult when things like this happen, not to put it in the space of your other experiences… When something like this weekend happens, I have to fight. And I will fight! To not put it into that narrative. To know that it is evil, but not to allow the people who love me, who are loyal, who are my friends, who are white, and are like family to me – it is so wrong for me to go on social media or anywhere else and be like, “See, this is what’s wrong with them.” It’s not fair and it’s not right, but it is a fight…

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