It seems like one thing after another these days. If it’s not an earthquake or a hurricane then it’s a shooting. There is a tragedy all around us. In these moments, we cling to our faith more than ever. These things are the hard reminder that this broken world is not our home. Music can bring truth and hope to our souls when we need it most.

These songs have helped us and maybe they will comfort you too:

  1. Matthew West “Every Tear”

    This song helps us to look forward to the day when there will be no more tragedy and God will make all things new.

    2. We Are Messenger ” I Don’t Have the Answers”

    A reminder that it’s ok if you have more questions than you do answers.

    3. Britt Nicole “Have Your Way”

    When you plan for your life falls apart, this song is a reminder that surrendering to God’s way brings peace and freedom.

    4. Lauren Daigle “O, Lord”

    When everything seems wrong this song declares that God can make things right again.


    5. Colton Dixon “The Other Side”

    If you have lost someone this song may give you hope.


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