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Fun and meaningful content for a confident, joyful faith!

Welcome to Way Nation. Many of the things you see online are divisive or offensive. We know what it’s like to feel discouraged by the arrogance and false humility found in conversations going on around us. If you want to have fun, learn, and explore meaningful questions without being shamed or belittled, join us to laugh, learn, and be encouraged.

Whether you found us on The God Shot with Tara-Leigh Cobble, our YouTube channel, or through listening to WayFMKSBJNGEN, or Vida Unida, WELCOME! Way Nation is a part of Hope Media Group; we are a family of brands engaging people to love Jesus, serve others, and spread Hope.

We hope you’ll let us join you in your journey toward a more confident, joyful faith in Jesus.

For content that will strengthen your faith and make you laugh, check out the videos below.

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