Skillet’s Substitute Vocalist Promises a One of a Kind Concert!

This tour season, Skillet may have come up with an interesting solution to a potential snag.

Jen Ledger, the band’s drummer and female vocalist, started a solo project called LEDGER that will be touring with Winter Jam 2019. The problem? Winter Jam’s tour dates overlap with Skillet’s tour with Breaking Benjamin. How can Jen Ledger be at two concerts at once?

Skillet borrowed a strategy from NFL playbooks. Implementing a substitution! For five concerts in March, Skillet will have Lacey Sturm, former vocalist for Flyleaf, stand in for Ledger as a vocalist.

For those expecting to see Skillet as normal, this could be a bummer. But it could also be a cool, limited-edition twist on their stellar shows!

Everyone involved seems super happy and supportive of the arrangement which is always nice to see.


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Hey guys! In case you missed it last night, we have a big announcement concerning our upcoming tour with Breaking Benjamin!

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If you’d like a taste of what the band sounds like with Sturm, she was featured in their latest album, Unleashed Beyond, on the track Breaking Free.


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February 5, 2019 6:57 am

I love Jen and Lacy

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