Showing Kindness in All Circumstances – Alex Trebek

This morning, Alex Trebek passed away leaving behind a legacy of kindness.

No one’s battle with cancer is easy and if there is any time to be selfish it would be while facing cancer. But Alex looked beyond himself and still cared about the needs of others in his community. Last year, after Alex shared his cancer was back, he donated over half a million dollars to help open two shelters for the homeless in Los Angeles, California. 

Kindness is not something we should show only when it's easy, but all the time. Click To TweetPhilippians 2 teaches us that we should do nothing out of selfish ambition but instead treat others as more important than ourselves. That is exactly the type of kindness the Trebek’s have shown. Alex says:

“I’m not one of those people who thinks that we can’t deal with the homeless near my house because that’s bad. I don’t feel that way. I wish more people would react in a positive way to reaching out and trying to help their fellow member of the community.”

The example the Trebek family has set is inspiring. I hope that today you will take the opportunity to look beyond yourself and spread some kindness. It might just make someone’s day ❤️

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