Quiz: Complete the MLK Quote

Every year about this time our social feeds are flooded with quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s a hero to so many people, and so many of his quotes are worthy of being shared – especially in our current political climate.

But Dr. King was a radical.

We made a little quiz to test your and your friends’ knowledge about some of Dr. King’s less known quotes.

When he was assassinated in 1968, he had a 75% disapproval rating. Three out of every four Americans thought he was asking for too much.

I think if he were alive today, saying and preaching and doing the things he was doing 50 years ago, we’d likely disapprove just as much now as we did then. Hopefully, we can all take some time over the next few days to wrestle with and contemplate some Dr. King’s more radical views, allowing him to compel us towards justice even 50 years after his death.

The first time I read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” my life was forever changed. I think everyone should read it at least once a year to be reminded of what is at stake. Here’s just a small sample of what I’ve learned from Dr. King’s writings:

3 Things MLK Taught a White Guy in His 20’s
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