Episode 846 I Love You Guys, But…

Solider of the Great War, Fluffies, Jesus and the Rules, Holiday Safe Place, Jesus and Healing, End of the Year Reflections, Sports… Related

December 13, 2018


Episode 845 – Sherri’s Never Heard “Blue Christmas”?

A Challenge from Tony and the Gang, Worthy of God’s Love, Serving Others, Everybody is Religious, Joke Spa, Addicted to Outrage, Sad… Related

December 12, 2018


Special Oddcast! Humility and Motives

Brant and Sherri talk about humility and analyzing the motives of others.     Subscribe and Review! Easily subscribe and receive the… Related

December 10, 2018


Special Oddcast! Sherri and WWI

Brant is elated that Sherri has a question about WWI.     Subscribe and Review! Easily subscribe and receive the latest episode… Related

December 07, 2018


Episode 841 Caring About Maroon 5’s Feelings

Super Bowl Halftime Petition, Learning from Bears, A Christmas Shopping Spree, Grindy’s Shoppes, Puppy Life, Unoffend-a-copter, Breaking Animal News, A Challenge from… Related

December 05, 2018


Episode 840 Hansen’s Holiday Helpline Headquarters Hotline

Humility, A Really Big Cow, Breaking Animal News, Kids and the Latest Tech for Christmas, Your Height/Weight/BP All at CVS, Not a… Related

December 04, 2018


Episode 839 Christmas Trees Are Falling From The Sky

A Spiritual Enemy, Unoffend-a-copter, The Cabbage Patch Kid Riot, Where Do You Get Your Meaning?, Having Autism, The Rolling Stones Tour, A… Related

November 29, 2018


Special Oddcast! Romans 14

Brant and Sherri discuss the practical application of Romans 14. They also go back to the Big Book of Questions.    … Related

November 28, 2018


Episode 837 Justin Bieber and Cabbage Patch Riots

Stories of Gratitude, Listener Uniforms, LotR and Men, What You Need to Know, Back to the Future Remake, $22 Christmas Dinner Cover… Related

November 27, 2018


Episode 836 The Lion and the Lamborghini

A Challenge From Axel, Jello Slime, Prize Wheel, Ending the Pumpkin Spice Debate, Cyber Monday Clicks, Joy and Peace, Puppy Day, Being… Related

November 23, 2018


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