Brant Hansen

Special Oddcast! Attributes of God

Jan 14, 2020 • 17 min


Brant and Sherri talk more about The Mr. Rogers’ movie and also answer a question from a listener about the attributes of…

Brant and Sherri talk more about The Mr. Rogers’ movie and also answer a question from a listener about the attributes of…

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Special Oddcast! Reformation

Brant and Sherri discuss the book Reformation: Seeing God, People, and Mission Through Re-enchanted Frames by Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson;

Jan 23, 2020 • 14 min

Episode 1065 3 Scrolls Is A Little Pretentious

Questionable Life, MFL Super Bowl Riddles, Target Toothbrush, Funny at Work, Celebrating MLK Jr., NFL Pastoral Halftime, Controlling People, The NFL and…

Jan 22, 2020 • 16 min

Episode 1064 You Can’t Start Bullet Points And Not Finish Them

Brant’s 3 Things, BONUS CONTENT: Corporate Culture; Quotes: “He’s not the one that came I’m with the cape.” “Maturity is learning how…

Jan 21, 2020 • 16 min

Episode 1063 What We KNOW About You

Missing Post-it Notes, Mid-Town Uniform, Humans/Dirt, Jesus is Shocking, 1017 Movie, Praying for Us, What We Know, Asperger’s Students, Mid-Life Primates, 50…

Jan 20, 2020 • 15 min

Episode 1062 Mister Hospital

Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Suffering, Diamond Medallion Club, Mom Tracker, Shock Jock, Not Your Circumstances, Valentine’s Moon Date, Your Mission;…

Jan 16, 2020 • 15 min

Episode 1061 Well Muscled Hero: New York

Stung by a Bee vs. Bank Change, What We Believe, Valentine’s Day Now, Breaking Animal News, A Better Christian, Muppets in Movies,…

Jan 15, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1059 Nobody Tells Me Not To Say Lit

Lit 2020, Mr. Rogers, Shock Jock, Different Sin, Enjoy God, Fashion 2020, SPECIAL CONTENT: Peace; Quotes: “There’s a simple graciousness that goes…

Jan 13, 2020 • 17 min

Episode 1058 Generally Speaking, Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Prize Wheel, Self-Pity, Anxiety/Loneliness, Run a Marathon, Disappointed with God, Buying Online, Good News, Gym Social Tip, Be a Blessing in Exile,…

Jan 10, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1057 I’m Gonna Stick With Ennui From Now On

Honesty Cafe, Judgmental Culture, It’s a Wonderful Life Comeback, More Fun Christians, Starting with Rest, Gym Social Tip, In-Laws,  Job Interruptions, Worst Jobs,…

Jan 09, 2020 • 15 min

Episode 1056 They’re Not Prepared For A Blizzard Of Baby Possum Pictures

Brant’s 3 Things, Best Move of the Year, U-Turn 2020, The Caffeine Diet, FB Disappointment, Monday Song, Actually Guys, Gym and Depression;…

Jan 08, 2020 • 17 min
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