Episode 832 Another Original Song: Let’s Talk About Me

Who Gets to Correct Me, Introvert at a Call Center, Holiday Oreo Dunking Kit, End of Construction, We Need Reminded, Fearing the… Related

November 16, 2018


Special Oddcast! A Comedy Workshop

Brant and Sherri bring in comedian John Branyan to help build a joke. Quotes: “I picked up a few Swedish children from… Related

November 15, 2018


Episode 830 Don’t Ask Brant About World War I. It’s Too Late.

Morning News Angst, Black Friday Spending, Fear and Anxiety, Same People’s Choice Awards, Honesty Cafe, Labeling Your Emotions, The Brant Hansen Prize… Related

November 14, 2018


Episode 829 Hello? Milk Snakes Are Not Poisonous

Hanksgiving, Who Gets To Define You, Survival School, SNL & Grace, Veteran’s Day, Breaking Animal News, Honesty Cafe, What to Tell Your… Related

November 13, 2018


Episode 828 Brant’s Little Shoulders

More You Than You, Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Social Tip, Plans Thwarted, The Elite Kingdom Party, Pringles, Certified Show Puppy, Puppy Nightmare… Related

November 12, 2018


Episode 827 A Dunkin’ Donut Romantic Tale of Redemption

Men & Women Washing Hands, Politics and Unity, Spice Girls Reunion, A $3 Ticket to See Duran Duran, You’re On Your Phone… Related

November 09, 2018


Episode 826 Significance

Enneagram Notes, Don’t Be Fearful, Pastor Appreciation Month, A Puppy in the Studio, Repentance, Selfies, Signs You’re Getting Older, You Being Evil,… Related

November 08, 2018


Episode 825 The Llamas We’re Protecting Him, Sherri.

The Toyota Pizza Truck Robot, Politics and your Dad, Social Tip, All God’s are the Same, Believing in Science, Never Getting to… Related

November 07, 2018


Episode 824 The Music They Play In The Ring Of Ideas

Rocket City Trash Pandas, Honesty Cafe, Halloween Candy Tariff, Guys and Shirt Colors, Netflix and Dogs, Liam Neeson Taken Again, Your Job… Related

November 06, 2018


Episode 823 Follow The Money?

Disappointed By Us, Deal Breaker: 5 FT Away, Follow the Money, BONUS CONTENT: Confident But Not Good       Subscribe and… Related

November 01, 2018


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