Episode 879 Invidious

Annoyed at the Gym, Hurried vs. Busy, Gratitude, Night to Shine, Joke Spa, Singles Mixer, Why You Do What You Do;  … Related

February 15, 2019


Episode 878 The Rick Astle Joke Goes Awry

Sense of Humor, Don’t Think Beyond Today, Introvert/Extrovert Text, Having Kids, The Golf Temper Tantrum, Super Bowl Halftime Critics, Marie Condo and… Related

February 14, 2019


Episode 877 The Donkey Was Crying

Shock Jock, Following Trendsetters, Save the Alien Planet, Pommel Horse Critique, Make Jesus Relevant, Contentment, Breaking Animal News, Religious People, Singles Mixer,… Related

February 13, 2019


Episode 876 America Needs Bob

Jesus Is Compelling, Shock Jock, Breaking Animal News, Worry, Respect Mail Carrier Day, Puppy Bowl, Super Duper Bowl, Respecting Standards, Being Threatening,… Related

February 12, 2019


Special Oddcast! The Needy Soul

Brant discusses a “Light Bulb” moment he had during a speaking engagement in Orlando.     Subscribe and Review! Easily subscribe and… Related

February 11, 2019


Episode 874 Stev-o & The Firebird Gang

Breaking Animal News, Entering the Kingdom Like a Child, The Prize Wheel, No Snapchat, Stop Pulling Away, Limitations, Pommel Horse Challenge, Super… Related

February 08, 2019


Episode 873 Superb Owl Sunday At Your Church

Brant Hansen Dating App, Cold Is A Choice, Needing Proof, Dirty Steering Wheels, New Mercies Every Morning, Pommel Horse Request, Mordor Family… Related

February 07, 2019


Episode 872 A Message From The Pie Counsel Of America

Swarm Behavior, Superb Owls, Don’t Trust Your Reasoning, THE Valentine’s Statement, Blessings and Complaints, It’s So Cold, Feeling Obligated, Shock Jock, Introverts… Related

February 06, 2019


Episode 871 New Brant Hansen Song: A Beautiful World (Just Do What I Say)

Jesus and Rest, Not So Sure of Yourself, Exercise Snack (The Pommel Horse), The Blessing of Being on the Spectrum, A Scripted… Related

February 04, 2019


Episode 870 Tidying Up With Brant Hansen

Church Worship Services, Love Your Enemies, Feeling God, Frustrated with People, Free Bacon from McDonald’s, Shock Jock, Eating with Your Phone, The… Related

February 01, 2019


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