February 15th, 2018 Oddcast!

Parkland School Shooting, Honorary Olympic Medals, The Royal Wedding Invite, Ice Skating as a Sport Rules and Sports, That One Amish Lady,… Related

February 16, 2018


February 14th, 2018 Oddcast!

Passion, Valentine’s Day, Romance, National Days: Computer Clean Day, The Notebook and Jesus, Winter Olympics Honorary Medals, Shock Jock, Customer Service Nitpicking,… Related

February 15, 2018


February 13th, 2018 Oddcast!

The Royal Invite Spice Girl Reunite, Discouragement, Valentine’s Day, Adults in High School Gladiator of Knowledge, Joy in Heaven, Humility, Breaking Animal… Related

February 14, 2018


February 9th, 2018 Oddcast!

New Emojis, Night to Shine, Forgiveness, Valentine’s Day Tip for Husbands, Survival School, Tear Down/Build Up, Philadelphia Eagles Parade, Not Going to… Related

February 12, 2018


February 8th, 2018 Oddcast!

Being Spiritual vs. Busy, Tesla in Space, Breaking Animal News. Help Growing Up, Worry Save the Alien Planet, The Favorite Topic of… Related

February 09, 2018


February 7th, 2018 Oddcast!

Eating Manna, Anti-Religion, Honesty Cafe, Karaoke Apology, Social Tips, Unoffendable, Breaking Animal News, Standing Desk Miracle, Your Worldview, Serving Your Enemies, Not… Related

February 08, 2018


February 6th, 2018 Oddcast!

Nobel Prize: You You, Real vs. Fake, Forgiveness, Survival School, MLK Jr. Dodge Commercial, Co-workers, What Not to Do on a Job… Related

February 07, 2018


February 5th, 2018 Oddcast!

Taking the Super Bowl Avocado Commercial Too Seriously, Chickens and Denzel Washington, The Culture is not Happy, Super Bowl Sci-Fi Question, Love… Related

February 05, 2018


January 24th, 2018 Oddcast!

This Too Shall Pass, History Segment: Collect Calls, Social Media and Anger, Lenscrafter Survey, Jesus Treats Everyone the Same, Survival School, Punch… Related

January 25, 2018


January 23rd, 2018 Oddcast!

Breaking Animal News, Marriage, Patriotic Super Bowl, Welcome to the Show, Arby’s Oreo, Valentine’s Day Tip, Pride, No Crocodile Dundee, Forgiveness, The… Related

January 24, 2018