Episode 936 In A Dark Gym…

Worst Jobs, Listener Uniforms, Being Like Your Parents, Social Coach, You’re Made to Work, Science and Snacks, Carry Cash, BONUS CONTENT Revisiting…

May 21, 2019


Episode 935 Humans Expect You To Look At Their Faces

Friendship, Not Knowing Car Stuff, Not Knowing How to Cook, Jesus and People on the Spectrum, Forgiveness, Movies and Bacteria, Anger, Puppets…

May 20, 2019


Episode 934 Did You Get A Bathroom Card?

Worship Experience, God’s Will, Breaking Animal News, Brant’s 3 Things, Folger’s Coffee Store, Tag on a Shirt, Sing to the Lord, Intelligence,…

May 17, 2019


Episode 933 A Shock Jock Shocked

Head in a Case, Breaking Animal News, NBA Emotional Guy, Being Something “Big”, Mother’s/Father’s Day Breakfast, Brant’s 3 Things, Shock Jock, We’re…

May 16, 2019


Episode 931 The Tolkien Movie Review

One Person Makes a Difference, The Worst Job, National Days, BONUS CONTENT: The Tolkien Movie; Quotes: “I don’t want to look at…

May 14, 2019


Episode 930 Blankets and Fans…Clap Your Hands

GoT Coffee Cup, Crane Guy, Sci-Fi Question: Heat/AC vs. Internet, Parental Happiness Study, Brant’s 3 Things, A Younger Boss, The Sad Met…

May 10, 2019


Episode 929 We Better Get Our Attitudes Together

Grumbling, Breaking Animal News, Honesty Cafe, Brant’s 3 Things, Kamikaze Karaoke, Hipper and Older, Wasting Money, Slang, Simple but Hard; Quotes: “God…

May 09, 2019


Episode 928 Laughing At Brant’s Face

Joke Spa, Prayer and Persistence, Upscale Stores, Monday Song, God’s Plan vs. Your Plan, Shock Jock, Soul Check-up, Brant’s 3 Things, National…

May 08, 2019


Episode 927 Dogs Starting Conversations

Gradual Drifting, Welcome to the Show, Great Things/Small Things, Brants 3 Things, Life’s Little Moments, Being Busy, Baby Pod, Worst Jobs; Quotes:…

May 07, 2019


Special Oddcast! Black Church, The 10 Commandments & The Book of John

Sherri and Brant talk about the meaning behind the 10 commandments and answer listeners’ questions about attending a “black” church and the…

May 06, 2019


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