Episode 920 Bugs In Your Eyelashes

Breaking Animal News, God’s Love and Puppies, Needing Coffee, Beards and Bugs, Politics and the Kingdom, Sherri’s Kids, Good Friday Forgiveness, Resurrection…

April 25, 2019


Episode 919 New Feature: Brant’s 3 Things

People Can Change, New Cereal, Experts and Jesus, T-Rex Fossil for the Show, Breaking Animal News, Easter Pressure, When I Look In…

April 24, 2019


Episode 918 James Bond and Knock Knock Jokes

10 Billion Strands of DNA, Notre Dame Fire, Delta Recline, What IT People Think, Real Life Slogans, The Pommel Horse Routine, Good…

April 23, 2019


Episode 917 Jokey Smurf And Sin

Easter, The First Born Study, Less Offendable, The Brant Hansen Show Tax Deduction, Hope, Welcome to the Show, Autism Awareness Month, Easter…

April 22, 2019


Episode 916 Arguments With Dogs In the Afterlife

Listener Uniforms, Words Not Used in Hip-Hop, Good Friday, God as Father, Forgiveness, Palm Sunday, Brant Hansen: Master Chef, Weak Faith, 10…

April 19, 2019


Episode 915 Praying For Giant, Technicolored Squirrels

Brant at Coachella, Growing Towards Christ, Social Tip, Forgiveness, Finding Free Time, Making Changes, Breaking Animal News, The Better Than You Coffee…

April 18, 2019


Episode 914 Pardon Our Dust

Social Tip, The Weather and Our Mood, Struggling, Being Happy and Joy, The Resurrection Party, The Masters, The Resurrection is a Big…

April 17, 2019


Episode 913 The Engelbert Humperdinck Fan Club

NCAA Championship, Shock Jock, Candy Corn Easter, Things We Love About Jesus, Trust and Obey, Seat-Fillers, Honesty Cafe, 10 Billion Strands of…

April 16, 2019


Episode 911 There Went The Joke

Godless America, Joke Spa, NCAA Championship, Leading and Following, Prayers for the Radio Show, Breaking Animal News, Mind Your Own Business, Prize…

April 12, 2019


Special Oddcast! Preachers In Sneakers and Cookie Monster Worship

Brant and Sherri talk about the response to the new Instagram account “Preachers In Sneakers.” They also talk about hymns in the…

April 11, 2019


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