Episode 896 #BasementMoose

Breaking Animal News, God Loves You, Texting, All Out in the Open, Swoveralls, National Awkward Day, People Going to Church, Tolkien Movie,… Related

March 21, 2019


Special Oddcast! A Big Fat Joyful YES!

Brant talks to a group of people about the work of CURE International and why he has put his life behind this… Related

March 20, 2019


Special Oddcast! Rachel Hollis, Fame, and the Culture of the Midwest

Brant and Sherri talk about the culture of the Midwest, revisit the NBA and the dangers of fame, and discuss what to… Related

March 19, 2019


Episode 893 It’s Not The Eternal Life House

Such Good Prep, Bad People/Good Outcome, Social Tip, God Is Dangerous, Jonah and the Whale, Busyness, The Beauty of Your Job, Sending… Related

March 14, 2019


Episode 892 Quick Question: How Do You Feel About Robert DeNiro?

Slick Hair Again, God Cares, Hipsters, Angry Daylight Savings Guy, 10-Seconds From Looking Dumb, What People Think of You, History Segment: DD… Related

March 13, 2019


Episode 891 Producer Fubsy

Daylight Saving Time, NBA Depression, Tearing License Plates in Half, The Blessing, Forgiveness, Slick Hair, No Prestige/No Power, Kindness, Words Leaving the… Related

March 12, 2019


Episode 890 The Spices of Boise, Idaho

Compliment Offline, The Boring Story, Renaming Food, Imagining Hardship, Listener Uniform, The Boss is a Bully, Welcome to the Show, When to… Related

March 11, 2019


Episode 889 New Song: Gonna Get To The Front Of The Line

Mimetic Desires, Uneven Bars and the Flute, Family on One, Blessing/Curse, Content Fields, Morning Honesty, Sharing Your Faith, Grambo, Plow Your Jeep… Related

March 08, 2019


Episode 888 How Can A Duck Waddle In A Wheelchair?

“Welcome to the Show, Brain Health Sherri Family Chaos, Unmet Desires, Bronchitis and Vicks VapoRub, Can You Trust God?, Noise Without Love,… Related

March 06, 2019


Special Oddcast! The Singles Mixer

Brant and Sherri talk with a listener about her experience with Brant’s Singles’ Mixer on Facebook.       Subscribe and Review!… Related

March 05, 2019


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