Pasta-Wayed by CJ and Joy Related

March 22, 2019


Sleep Struggles: Joy Shares What Works and What Doesn’t

Joy has struggled to sleep for over a year and has tried everything in the book. She dishes on healthy habits, what to try, and […]

March 15, 2019


Shopping Is Dangerous

How was Joy hurt? Is she just getting old or is shopping actually dangerous to her health? This Polar Vortex is getting out of hand […]

February 01, 2019


Throwback Podcast: Getting To Know CJ

As CJ & Joy approach the 1 year mark as a show, we look back on one of our very first podcasts where we get […]

January 25, 2019


Okay, CJ. How do you “practice” for Valentines Day?

CJ’s shenanigans are NEVER in check, like when he decides to “practice for Valentine’s Day” on the air. Joy calls up her mom when she […]

January 18, 2019


Making Road Rage Resolutions

CJ asks the hard hitting questions like, Is Dr. Pepper actually a woman and we just all assumed she’s a man? Joy’s In-Laws have decided […]

January 11, 2019


Dr Greg Smalley – Dealing With Families At Christmas

Sometimes families can be a lot to deal with and when you’re home for Christmas it can add to the stress. Doctor Greg Smalley talks […]

December 14, 2018


Annie F. Downs – Remember God

Author Annie F. Downs asks the hard questions like “Is God really kind?” Her latest book rocked Joy’s world so they discuss understanding God, disappointment, […]

November 30, 2018


What Embarrasses Toby Mac?

Find out what Toby Mac considers cringe-worthy from his musical career, CJ forgot diapers while picking his wife up at the airport and Joy struggles […]

November 16, 2018


How does it feel, Skurglebucks?

How Starbucks screwed up CJ’s name is anyone’s guess, Joy loves sitting on the same side of the booth even though her husband hates it […]

November 08, 2018


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