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58- A Time of Thanksgiving (and Spending)

We give a lot of thanks this week for God and His goodness. We also spend a lot of money this week on gifts and

Nov 22, 2022 • 807 min

57-Four Words from 1861

It can be tempting to put our hope and trust solely in our leaders, but a “Minister of the Gospel” in 1861 had a different

Nov 15, 2022 • 636 min

56- Are you a Thermometer or Thermostat?

I know that’s a perplexing question but you will identify with one or the other. They may sound similar but they could not be more

Nov 08, 2022 • 739 min

55- Keep it Simple

Is your ‘money’ complicated? I find, like the world around us, that we have a tendency to make our money complex as well. But when

Nov 01, 2022 • 701 min

54-CFYD 54 Finding Calm in a Storm

Where do you find calm in a financial storm? Often, it’s the simplest and truest choices from biblical wisdom that not only offer the best

Oct 25, 2022 • 860 min

53-Taming Your Tensions

We know what we should do, but we sometimes do the opposite, especially with our money. I share three common examples and a simple model

Oct 18, 2022 • 718 min

52-Gold Just Makes it Shiny

What do kids playing in the park and people making idols in the desert have in common? The similarities, challenges and lessons of how you

Oct 11, 2022 • 686 min

51 The Purpose of Prayer

Oswald Chambers “shares” a timeless message on the Purpose of Prayer, how it “nourishes” God in us, the “strength” it provides, and how we can

Oct 04, 2022 • 740 min

50 Now, Later & Your Best Life

You may be living your best life right now and letting others confuse your contentment. A modern parable sets the tone for a reflective choice

Sep 27, 2022 • 689 min

49-Little Drips Form Big Results

A short trip to 7th grade science class sets the stage for how little choices compound into much larger results, both positively and negatively. These

Sep 20, 2022 • 793 min
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