Anything But Quiet Time

212-Tick Parents Off

May 29, 2023 • 40 min 50 sec


Carder shares undeniable truths that support the Bible’s accuracy.

Carder shares undeniable truths that support the Bible’s accuracy.

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229 To Comment or Not To Comment

What is written in the comment section doesn’t stay in the “comment” section–what should we share and not share? Also, why should we take God

Sep 25, 2023 • 40 min 24 sec

228 When You Doubt Your Faith

Should Christians “deconstruct” their beliefs? Does doubt have a role to play in faith? Also, we discuss how God deal’s with our toxicity.

Sep 18, 2023 • 41 min 25 sec

227 Emotions and Truth

What part should emotions play in faith or decision-making? We also discuss a little know. Bible story where “pagans” teach God’s “chosen” a life lesson!

Sep 11, 2023 • 38 min 40 sec

226 What if there’s purpose in the pain?

Carder bursts our comfort “bubble” when it comes to Jeremiah 29:11 and Rachelle brings a Psalm to attention that may lead us away from praying

Sep 04, 2023 • 38 min 13 sec

225 Stop Beating Yourself Up

When you catch yourself in moments of weakness, how should and do you handle it? Also, if you see somebody else having a moment of

Aug 28, 2023 • 35 min 17 sec

224 You Know What I Heard?

When does telling a story turn into gossiping? Have I helped facilitate others in gossiping without even knowing it? how should we define gossip?

Aug 21, 2023 • 45 min 24 sec

223 Yearbook Confessional

Yearbooks can be brutal whether you were ranked as nerd or voted “most popular” in high school—Carder shares a spiritual wake-up call while thumbing through

Aug 14, 2023 • 43 min 41 sec

The Sound Of Freedom | Bonus Episode ft. Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios

Rachelle and Carder ask the CEO of Angel Studios, Neal Harmon, why it was important for his production company to make this record-breaking movie. He

Aug 11, 2023 • 48 min 25 sec

222 Affirming People I Don’t Agree With

How can we “love” on people the way Jesus would have us but also maintain His truth and standards? Carder shares about an encounter he

Aug 07, 2023 • 40 min 20 sec

Hope In the Midst of Mental Illness | Bonus Episode ft. Rachelle’s Parents

Rachelle’s parents, Tim and Nancy, want to share their journey with you and hope to provide you with some tools to help you through mental

Aug 04, 2023 • 46 min
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