Anything But Quiet Time

192-Fad Diet Gospel

Jan 09, 2023 • 28 min 22 sec


How can we strike a balance in life that honors Jesus?

How can we strike a balance in life that honors Jesus?

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213-The Opposite Of Pride

Have you ever been humbled? Do you resent it or learn from it?

Jun 05, 2023 • 42 min 16 sec

212-Tick Parents Off

Carder shares undeniable truths that support the Bible’s accuracy.

May 29, 2023 • 40 min 50 sec

211- The Gray Area

There is security footage of Rachelle and, yes, it’s incriminating!! She and Carder talk about temptation and how God still reigns supreme even when we

May 22, 2023 • 36 min 31 sec

210 I’m Not Better than God, BUT I’m a little better than You

We should have grace for others but what is a “deal breaker” for friendship? Also, God shows us how He doesn’t need us but definitely

May 15, 2023 • 43 min

209- A Dangerous Jesus

When we receive Jesus into our lives then we are choosing to give Him full control— that means in the comfortable and uncomfortable moments—He’s in

May 08, 2023 • 43 min 25 sec

208-Service and Sacrifice

Carder shares about the significance of Jesus’ washing of the disciples feet and Rachelle explores wether Abraham REALLY heard it right from God about sacrifice

May 01, 2023 • 54 min 22 sec

207- When Your Miracle Gets Haulted

How should we respond when God says “wait?” And, how can we relate to other believers that tick us off?

Apr 24, 2023 • 53 min 10 sec

206-Boundaries and Relationships

What can the story of the Good Samaritan teach us about boundaries and the truth of Creation teach us about our relationships?

Apr 17, 2023 • 57 min 22 sec

205- I Believe in Jesus, Now What?

We talked with Kate and she shares her story about coming to Christ a year ago. She has some great insight and advice in helping

Apr 10, 2023 • 1 h 21 min 40 sec

The Thing About Praise

Carder brings up the epic battle: Paul vs. Peter! How do should I react when I’m called out? Rachelle’s son Sammy shares the Easter story

Apr 03, 2023 • 59 min 47 sec
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