015: Focus on Your Target

Do you have a hard time pinpointing exactly why your marketing plan isn’t producing the results you’re looking for? It could be a lack of […]

August 24, 2017


014: The 5 Secret Rules of Marketing

Whether you’re the CEO, Marketing Director, or an aspiring entrepreneur, there is something in this episode for you. BJ digs into these 5 rules that […]

July 14, 2017


013: Chris Hogan – Focusing on the Main Thing and Planning for 2017

Do you want to make clear cut goals to guide your business in 2017? If you want great tips for the new year along with […]

December 13, 2016


012: Eric Nordhoff – Building a Business with Purpose and Passion as an Entrepreneur

Do you have a plethora of projects and ideas on your plate? If you do and you find that you have a hard time managing […]

December 06, 2016


011: Mike Kim – How to Invest in Your Brand and Tell Your Story

If you have a hard time defining and communicating your brand or if you could use some tips for writing better copy, then this episode […]

November 15, 2016


010: Living Life with Rhinoceros Success

If you’ve lost some of the passion and focus in your business or if you just need a little motivation to keep hustling today, this […]

November 04, 2016


009: Coach Scott – Going All In on Your Business

Hear the story behind the start of one of America’s fastest growing health and wellness companies. Coach Scott Oatsvall joins us on the podcast and […]

October 25, 2016


008: Defining Your Purpose to Win Big in Business

If you have a hard time looking at the big picture or if you are an ideas person, this episode is for you. BJ is […]

October 18, 2016


007: Christy Wright – How to Create a Business Plan to Reach Your Goals

Whether you have a business that is 3 weeks or 3 years old, this episode is for you. Christy Wright joins us on the podcast […]

October 11, 2016


006: Grant Baldwin – Making Money with Your Passion: The Journey of Entrepreneurship

When should I make the jump into entrepreneurship? What can I expect during the first months of running my own business? If you have questions […]

October 04, 2016