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Current series: Humans of Bethlehem – Go behind the scenes of the REAL Christmas story.

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World's Biggest Small Group

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What Has Surprised You Most About the Bible?

Unlike what you might have heard – the Bible is anything from boring! Today’s guests share personal realizations and stories that downright surprised them. In

Oct 07, 2019 • 3 sec

When I Didn’t Want to Read the Bible…

Depression? Shame? A new baby? We could make a long list of reasons we just don’t want to read the Bible sometimes. You might know

Oct 07, 2019 • 6 sec

How to Get Out of a Bible Reading Rut

If you’re like us, you’ve felt guilty or ashamed about your Bible reading habits at some point. Don’t let those feelings defeat you! God is

Oct 07, 2019 • 6 sec

Asking Christians to Summarize the Whole Story of the Bible

This is a hard question, but we have to say, this group of people did a great job! Listen as hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm, Wally

Oct 07, 2019 • 2 sec

What Bible Passage Has Changed Your Life?

You may have heard that the Bible can change your life. What does this actually look like? In this episode, you’ll hear honest answers to

Oct 07, 2019 • 7 sec

What Do You Wish You Learned in Sunday School?

“God’s not mean.” This is what Phil Joel (of Zealand and Newsboys United) said when we asked him, “What do you wish you learned in

Oct 07, 2019 • 6 sec

Who is Your Favorite Bible Character and Why?

The people in the Bible were real people! When you imagine a living, breathing person walking through each story you read, the Bible comes to

Oct 07, 2019 • 8 sec

Confusing Bible Verses – How Did You Figure Them Out?

Let’s get one thing straight: It’s ok if you get confused when reading the Bible! There’s some hilarious, hard, and mind-bending stuff in there, but it’s

Oct 07, 2019 • 5 sec

Bible Kick Start Reading Plan | Day 10: Grow

By now you know God is faithfully working in you & for you. Be encouraged that He is committed to you and promises to build

Oct 07, 2019 • 4 sec

Bible Kick Start Reading Plan | Day 9: Love

Jesus liked the word love. Your whole relationship with Him is based on His love for you … and because of His love in you,

Oct 07, 2019 • 3 sec
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