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These people just plain like to have fun. No, they’re not perfect, and they’ll be the first to tell you that, but that’s what makes their show so great.

Wally, Betty, and Gavin talk about what’s going on in the world and in our lives with sincere honesty. Wally may push a few buttons and tease Betty and Gavin to no end, but at the end of the day, they’re out to encourage us to love and follow Jesus – even though we’re not perfect.

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Wally Show

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Comments That Made You Feel Cool: October 5, 2022

TWS News 1: Exercise Food Labels – 00:33Comments that Made You Feel Cool – 3:43Good News Giddy Up – 9:18TWS News 2: Hurricane Ian Aftermath

Oct 05, 2022 • 3139 min

Aftercast: Nip It In the Bud: October 5, 2022

Emails about student loans forgiveness, Nick Kroll has a new comedy special on Netflix where he talks about getting dumped and we talk about who

Oct 05, 2022 • 1151 min

What You Should’ve Done at Your Age: October 4, 2022

TWS News 1: Tips on Spotting a Fake Review – 00:32Who on the Show Game – 3:17Time Capsule Tuesday – 9:05TWS News 2: Student Debt

Oct 04, 2022 • 2894 min

Aftercast: A Day in the Life of a Day Off: October 4, 2022

We recap Betty’s day off, a pastor got robbed of jewelry and the culprits finally got caught, a man in Georgia was charged for fraud

Oct 04, 2022 • 1159 min

The Most DIY Part of Your Wedding: October 3, 2022

TWS News 1: Dead Giveaways Someone is American – 0:35#YourWeekend – 3:43Good News – 10:21TWS News 2: Twitter Saves the Day- 13:21Most DIY Part of

Oct 03, 2022 • 2885 min

Aftercast: Most Popular Breakup Songs: October 3, 2022

We talk about the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, EHarmony put together a list of the most popular breakup songs, then we talk about our worst

Oct 03, 2022 • 903 min

Why Men Make Friends Easier: September 30, 2022

TWS News 1: If Dogs Could Talk – 00:30What States Could Give to Visitors – 3:51TWS News 2: Hurricane Ian Update – 9:54Why Men Make

Sep 30, 2022 • 2852 min

Aftercast: Learn from Someone Else: September 30, 2022

We discuss events happening in Ukraine/Russia, McDonalds is releasing adult happy meals, the Buyers house from Stranger Things went up for sale and sold for

Sep 30, 2022 • 1261 min
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