The Bible for Kids

If you have a child in your life that you want to pass along biblical values to, this podcast is for you.  Hosted by best-selling author Amy Parker and author and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki, The Bible for Kids podcast seeks to provide a discovery platform for the best resources for teaching biblical values to kids.   Guests include authors, teachers, musicians, film makers and more.  The Bible for Kids podcast is produced by Dan Lynch for Brentwood Studios


The Bible for Kids

Available Episodes

Dylan Kraayenbrink – Keys for Kids Radio

This week Amy and Mike interview Dylan Kraayenbrink with Keys to the Kids radio – a long standing online radio network for kids. In a

Apr 06, 2020 • 29 min

Jeff & Abbey Land – The Way to the Savior, A Family Easter Devotional

This weeks episode features authors Jeff and Abbey Land talking about their new book: A Family Easter Devotional. Amid the hustle and bustle of springtime chores

Mar 30, 2020 • 30 min

Jill Roman Lord – The Quiet Crazy Easter Day

Amy and Mike interview author Jill Roman Lord about her new Easter book! You might think of the first Easter as a quiet, peaceful morning.

Mar 23, 2020 • 26 min

Boy Meets Squirrels – Mike Nawrocki

This week Amy interviews Mike about the latest books in his Dead Sea Squirrels series; Treemendous Trouble and Whirley Squirrelies. Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales,

Mar 16, 2020 • 37 min

Randall Goodgame and Modern Kid

This week’s episode features Slugs & Bugs’ Randall Goodgame discussing his brand new album (currently in SlugStarter mode!) Modern Kid. Modern Kid is the first

Mar 11, 2020 • 36 min

The Wingfeather Saga with guest Andrew Peterson

Amy and Mike spend time with singer, song-writer, author Andrew Peterson discussing his middle-reader series The Wingfeather Saga which is relaunching March 10th in hard

Mar 02, 2020 • 38 min

The Big Book of Bible Questions with Amy Parker and Doug Powell

This week is an exciting one – host Amy Parker and apologist Doug Powell have a new children’s book launching on March 3rd from Tyndale

Feb 24, 2020 • 37 min

Scott James – Where is Wisdom

This week Amy and Mike interview Scott James about his new book launching in March from B&H Kids, Where is Wisdom which delves into the

Feb 17, 2020 • 39 min

Tricia Goyer – Prayers that Changed History

New this week – Amy and Mike continue their discussion with best-selling author Tricia Goyer.  This time, they did deeply into her book Prayers that

Feb 10, 2020 • 31 min

Sally Clarkson – Only You Can Be You

Tune into this weeks episode to learn about Sally Clarkson’s latest book, Only You Can Be You: What Makes You Different Makes You Great. Sally

Feb 03, 2020 • 20 min
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