Jesus Freaks: Vinyl to Digital

Jesus Freaks: Vinyl to Digital is a weekly cast dedicated to current and past Contemporary Christian Music and the artists behind the music.

Each week we’ll interview a different artist about their career, faith and the stories behind the songs. Permission obtained for all music used.


Jesus Freaks: Vinyl to Digital

Available Episodes

Randy Stonehill (Pt. 1)

Known as one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christina Music, Randy Stonehill paved the way for future artists and set the standard for writing solid

Apr 15, 2021 • 5528 min

Phil Joel (Newsboys)

As the bassist for the powerhouse CCM group, The Newsbots, and also as a solo artist, Phil Joel has enjoyed a successful career in the

Apr 08, 2021 • 3003 min

Paul Roraback (Grammatrain)

Paul Roraback was the drummer for the Christian grunge band, Grammatrain, back in the early 90's. In this episode, he talks about his faith and

Apr 01, 2021 • 3428 min

Kim Boyce

Kim Boyce came in to Christian Contemporary Music in an era when artists like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were all the rage. She quickly became

Mar 25, 2021 • 2483 min

Danny Mariano (Rage of Angels)

Danny Mariano founded, and sang lead vocals for, what could have been one of the greatest Christian Metal bands ever. Instead, the band quickly folded

Mar 18, 2021 • 2875 min

John Schlitt (Petra)

John Schlitt was the lead vocalist for Headeast in the 70’s and early 80’s. But his Rock & Roll lifestyle soon landed him a swamp

Mar 11, 2021 • 3326 min

Rick Florian (White Heart)

Rick Florian was the lead vocalist for one of the hottest Christian Rock Groups from the late 80’s and 90’s, White Heart. Starting as a

Mar 04, 2021 • 2757 min

John Elefante (Kansas)

He is one of the most revered CCM mucisians and producers in the industry.  John Elefante has gone from lead singer of the legendary rock

Feb 25, 2021 • 3148 min

Eddie DeGarmo (DeGarmo & Key)

As a member of the power duo, DeGarmo & Key, Eddie Degarmo helped to set the standard for CCM artists of his day. This week,

Feb 11, 2021 • 2989 min

Michael Sweet (Stryper)

As frontman for Stryper and a solo artist, Michael Sweet is an icon of Christian metal. Having paved the way for other bands behind them,

Feb 04, 2021 • 2429 min
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