Holy Mess

A podcast for women who crave honest and entertaining conversations about the messy parts of life and how to find hope in the midst of it. Whether we’re commenting on pop culture, sharing stories of when life throws you curveballs, or even covering what we’ve learned in therapy, we’re going to help you see the beauty in your own mess.


Holy Mess

Available Episodes

Fancy Like Outback Steakhouse – Season 2 Episode 9

Joy felt out of place at a fancy event, and Bekah may have created a monster by taking her husband shopping. Plus, the struggle of

Oct 06, 2022 • 1781 min

The Start of Something New – BONUS EPISODE

This week’s episode is not going to sound the same….but for GOOD reason!!!! We are SO grateful for you. You made this happen. We’ll be

Sep 29, 2022 • 1241 min

Our Mistake is Your Gain – Season 2 Episode 8

Bekah’s mess may not even be a mess, and Joy is having a rough pregnancy day. Plus, green flags to look for in your relationships,

Sep 22, 2022 • 1655 min

Our Work Boundaries Need Work – Season 2 Episode 7

Joy accidentally taught her son a bad habit, and Bekah learned a valuable lesson in accepting help. Plus, ALL things work boundaries (and how we’re

Sep 15, 2022 • 1652 min

HUGE News and a Massive Lie – Season 2 Episode 6

We can’t EVEN with today’s episode. Because….well, you’ll just have to listen to the first 10 minutes to get the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT OF WHAT’S TO

Sep 08, 2022 • 1770 min

Her True Worth – Season 2 Episode 5

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re worthy of the space you take in this world (we’ve all been there), this episode is for you! Brittany

Sep 01, 2022 • 1765 min

So Mad We Can’t Stay Mad! – Season 2 Episode 4

Because this is the Holy MESS podcast, our messy moments revisit things we should know by now, but we’re both just works in progress. A

Aug 25, 2022 • 1965 min

A Criminal Named Joy – Season 2 Episode 3

Joy almost had a run in with the law, and Bekah is SO not cool to her almost 13-year-old niece. Plus, how to better manage

Aug 18, 2022 • 1682 min

But What Does Peace Actually Look Like? with Hope Darst – Season 2 Episode 2

Hope Darst redefines the definition of peace and what it looks like when chaos and anxiety crash into us like waves. Plus, we discuss social

Aug 11, 2022 • 1910 min

When We Have Fight Club, We’re Gonna Talk About It – Season 2 Episode 1

We’re back for season 2!!!! Bekah solved a mystery with no help from her husband, and Joy accidentally traumatized her toddler. Plus, we talk about

Aug 04, 2022 • 1796 min
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