Brant Hansen

Brant likes to let people know, this show probably isn’t what you think. He likes to let people know he’s a little weird, he doesn’t pick up on social cues very well, you may not agree with everything he says, and mostly that he loves Jesus.

He and Producer Sherri want this show to be a place where everyone – literally everyone from any walk of life – feels welcome. So buckle up for the Brant Hansen Show!


Brant Hansen

Available Episodes

Episode 1062 Mister Hospital

Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Suffering, Diamond Medallion Club, Mom Tracker, Shock Jock, Not Your Circumstances, Valentine’s Moon Date, Your Mission;…

Jan 16, 2020 • 15 min

Episode 1061 Well Muscled Hero: New York

Stung by a Bee vs. Bank Change, What We Believe, Valentine’s Day Now, Breaking Animal News, A Better Christian, Muppets in Movies,…

Jan 15, 2020 • 19 min

Special Oddcast! Attributes of God

Brant and Sherri talk more about The Mr. Rogers’ movie and also answer a question from a listener about the attributes of…

Jan 14, 2020 • 17 min

Episode 1059 Nobody Tells Me Not To Say Lit

Lit 2020, Mr. Rogers, Shock Jock, Different Sin, Enjoy God, Fashion 2020, SPECIAL CONTENT: Peace; Quotes: “There’s a simple graciousness that goes…

Jan 13, 2020 • 17 min

Episode 1058 Generally Speaking, Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Prize Wheel, Self-Pity, Anxiety/Loneliness, Run a Marathon, Disappointed with God, Buying Online, Good News, Gym Social Tip, Be a Blessing in Exile,…

Jan 10, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1057 I’m Gonna Stick With Ennui From Now On

Honesty Cafe, Judgmental Culture, It’s a Wonderful Life Comeback, More Fun Christians, Starting with Rest, Gym Social Tip, In-Laws,  Job Interruptions, Worst Jobs,…

Jan 09, 2020 • 15 min

Episode 1056 They’re Not Prepared For A Blizzard Of Baby Possum Pictures

Brant’s 3 Things, Best Move of the Year, U-Turn 2020, The Caffeine Diet, FB Disappointment, Monday Song, Actually Guys, Gym and Depression;…

Jan 08, 2020 • 17 min

Special Oddcast! Forgiving is Hard Work

Brant and Sherri answer listener questions and also talk about the hard work of forgiving.

Jan 07, 2020 • 18 min

Special Oddcast! Turning 50

Brant talks about turning 50 and also answers a FB question about how to start a guy’s small group.

Jan 06, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1053 You Still Weigh Less Than The Tongue Of The Blue Whale

Illinois Loss, The Eye Doctor, Brant’s 3 Things, New Year’s Social Coach, Sermon Length, Personality Types and Humility, Cheez-It Bowl, Cable News,…

Jan 01, 2020 • 18 min
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