Brant Hansen

Brant likes to let people know, this show probably isn’t what you think. He likes to let people know he’s a little weird, he doesn’t pick up on social cues very well, you may not agree with everything he says, and mostly that he loves Jesus.

He and Producer Sherri want this show to be a place where everyone – literally everyone from any walk of life – feels welcome. So buckle up for the Brant Hansen Show!


Brant Hansen

Available Episodes

Episode 1223 We Can’t Be Out Here Breaking Spaghetti In Half

He Loves Me Now, LV Face Shield, Trusting God, Hall Of Pretty Awesome, Brant’s 3 Things, No Fear, Shock Jock, His Beloved,…

Sep 17, 2020 • 16 min

Episode 1222 No Walking On The Wing

Survivor, People Of Hope, Math,Planning Peace, Laying On The Couch, Shock Jock, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street…Offensive Family Members; Quotes: “At some point…

Sep 16, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1221 We Are The Times

Toy Hall Of Fame, In The Symphony, Guitars & Accordions, I Saw The Light, Social Media Scriptures, Breaking Animal News, Feeling God…

Sep 15, 2020 • 17 min

Episode 1220 That’s A Lot Peanut Butter

Mr. Citrus, Jesus and Politics, National Day, The Kingdom Of God, Shock Jock, Social Tip, Healing, What To Wear, We Want A…

Sep 14, 2020 • 19 min

Episode 1219 Pipsqueak, The Weiner Dog, Is Home

First Hour Of The Morning, Dogs Are Smarter, The Way The Enemy Attacks, Shock Jock, Brant’s 3 Things, Social Tip, Breaking Animal…

Sep 11, 2020 • 14 min

Episode 1218 Good Morning. Here’s Some Horrible Stuff…

Breaking Animal News, Football Gear, Shock Jock, Jesus Debating, Telephone Tuesday, Brant’s 3 Things, You Need A Nap, Rich Mullins, Social Sensei,…

Sep 10, 2020 • 17 min

Episode 1217 These Ten Cheeses

Brant’s 3 Things, Uncontrollable Dancing, Forgiveness, Breaking Animal News, Bible As Mythology, Texting, Thank You For Sticking It Out, What All The…

Sep 08, 2020 • 16 min

Episode 1216 My Dog Is A Legalist

Somebody’s Not Muted, Observing Humans, Ebay Anniversary The Kingdom, Breaking Animal News, Video Games, Trust Radio, New Dance Show, Ego, Starting The…

Sep 07, 2020 • 25 min

Episode 1215 I Derailed It With Turkey Sausage

Bulk Shopping Stores, Barry Gibb Birthday, Sci-Fi Question: $1 Million vs. Red Lights, Spiritual Darkness, Peace, What Is Valuable, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma…

Sep 04, 2020 • 23 min

Episode 1214 Elijah On Piano

You’re Not Ordinary, Apple Cider vs. PSL, Anxiety, What You Pay Attention To, New Mom Study, Why Do You Pray, Jeep Desk,…

Sep 03, 2020 • 17 min
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