The Art of Friendship

We were not created to live life alone, yet in this age of limitless digital connections we are somehow lonelier than ever. This isn’t just sad – research shows it’s dangerous mentally, physically and spiritually. Loneliness is a secret we keep that is killing us. There is an answer, but it isn’t found online. It’s found in discovering you were created to be a friend, in understanding God-centered practices that build lasting friendships and in learning satisfying ways to share your life now. The Art of Friendship podcast will help you fulfill your God-given friend-longing, improve existing relationships, and invest in others longing to connect. With humor, honesty and transparency, Kim guides the conversation with friends and experts to help you discover how life-changing and life-giving friendships can be yours. Every episode strives to inspire, educate and engage, but also change your life with weekly exercises to help create and keep the relationships that matter. Kim Wier is a speaker, radio talk show host, Bible teacher, and author of the book, The Art of Friendship and other titles.


The Art of Friendship

Available Episodes

131-Comfort in Loss

Seasons of sorrow don’t take a break for the holidays whether it is our grief of someone else’s – but there is comfort. On this

Nov 16, 2022 • 3269 min

130-People Over Politics

The election is over – and so are many relationships damaged by the differences. On this episode find out how to have an inclusive tribe

Nov 09, 2022 • 3341 min

129-Elevating Relationships with Conversation

Small talk is great for elevators, but not so much for elevating relationships. Learn the art of conversation that gets you past awkward to meaningful

Nov 02, 2022 • 3467 min

128-Declutter Your Life

Clutter is more than just an organization issue. It’s getting to the root of why stuff is stuff is taking over. On this episode Kim Wier is

Oct 19, 2022 • 3018 min

127-What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? Without an answer everything we do is pointless– work, relationships, purpose and identity. So where do you find the

Oct 12, 2022 • 3318 min

126-Healthy Everything

Feeling healthy is more than being fit – it’s flourishing in everything! The trick is how to do that all at the same time. On

Oct 05, 2022 • 2217 min

125-Hosting Friends Made Simple

Everyone loves a party, but throwing one can be a hassle. What if you could find a simple way to invite friends around the table

Sep 28, 2022 • 2574 min

124-Discovering God’s Will

God has a wonderful plan for your life – so why is it so hard to figure out! If you are frustrated by trying to

Sep 21, 2022 • 2231 min

123-Unpuzzling Personalities

Every person is a complex puzzle of traits, motives and behaviors that make up a personality. When you learn to solve that puzzle (yours and

Sep 14, 2022 • 2817 min
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