New Music: Listen to “Morning Song” by Land of Color

The breathy vocal textures and sunrise whispers of “Morning Song” swing like a hammock of harmonies in a west coast breeze. Their mix of beachy acoustic folk pop and British post rock guitar licks somehow blend the flavors of Jack Johnson, Iron & Wine, Explosions in the Sky, and Coldplay into a satisfying smoothie of easy listening.

Listen to this “Morning Song,” then “Slow Ride,” then “Many Lands,” then all of their Land of Color – EP. This band’s EP is a perpetual “Aha” moment. It’s not an exaggeration to say, “It’s all good.”


Listen to the whole EP here: (I’m seriously blown away by this EP… So good)

Rob Vischer

Rob Vischer

Content Producer at WAY Nation
Rob has bicycled across America, written over 1,000 songs, and told way too many dad jokes. He writes love songs for his wife, hymns for God, and blogs for you.
Rob Vischer

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