Look Back on the Top 10 Christian Rock Songs of 2017!

We streamed a ton of awesome music on WAY LOUD in 2017, so we made a comprehensive list of the most popular songs on The Christian Rock Station this year.

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Here are your Top 10 Christian Rock songs of 2017!

10. As We Ascend – “Tell Me”

9. Memphis May Fire – “Virus”

8. The Afters – “Shadows”

7. Hearts Like Lions – “Pretty Little Phase”

6. Skillet – “Back from the Dead”

5. Family Force 5 – “Out of This World”

4. Aaron Sprinkle – “Real Life” (feat. Sherri Dupree-Bemis & Max Bemis)

3. Wolves at the Gate – “Asleep”

2. Demon Hunter – “Cold Winter Sun”

1. Disciple – “Erase”

Honorable mentions:

The Letter Black – “The Last Day I Cared”

Zahna – “Underneath”


Glasslands – “Deadman”

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January 27, 2022 4:50 pm

Love Erase 💙
Love how The Letter Black, Disciple, Zahna, Skillwt, Family Force 5, The Afters, and Memphis May Fire all made it into one post, haha.

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