Giants’ NFL Player Isn’t Playing This Season After Listening To Holy Spirit

Nate Solder is the New York Giants’s offensive tackle. He submitted a statement to the public recently announcing his decision to opt out of the 2020 NFL season after much prayer and consideration.

Hudson, Nate’s son, is 5 years old and was diagnosed with rare Wilms tumors in his kidneys in 2015 and has been battling the cancer with surgery and chemo since.

Solder did an interview with the Billy Graham organization a while back and stated, “We know how much we’re struggling, but people see the way God is carrying us through, the joy that it brings knowing we have an eternal destiny that’s far beyond what’s here on earth.”

“But I have my priorities set, and my top priority is God and then my family. When those things are squared away, everything else falls into line. My faith in the Lord is so much bigger than anything we’re doing here, so much bigger than the Super Bowl.”

The NFL is offering high-risk players the opportunity to sit out this season and still be in the league.

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