Did Netflix Just Announce a Director for the Chronicles of Narnia Series?

I spent so many hours of my childhood reading and re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia that I always hoped I’d take a wrong turn in the woods behind my house and stumble into Narnia.

Unfortunately, that never happened.

But in 7th grade, the next best thing happened when Disney released “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”. The soundtrack was magical, the costumes were majestic, and the casting was perfect. Liam Neeson was born to be the voice of Aslan, and I’d argue that absolutely no one will be able to fill his shoes.

But two movies later, with each movie becoming less and less inspired, the Chronicles of Narnia Film franchise sadly died.

Then in 2018, the unexpected happened. The long 100 years of winter was over. Spring had come when Netflix announced they bought the right to C.S. Lewis’ book series.

As quickly as the announcement came, it quickly disappeared with no series ever materializing.

Now four years later, there is a rumor on the internet that director and actor Greta Gerwig is interested in directing at least 2 of Netflix’s adaptations. You might recognize Greta from her 2019 remake of “Little Women”.

Although, I personally refuse to believe internet rumors until more information comes out, this has me really excited. Regardless of who directs this project, I hope we aren’t left waiting another 4 years to see Narnia return to the screen!

There have been so many reboots of beloved Classics like Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” How excited or nervous are you at a possible Narnia Netflix series?


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