6 Hilarious Posts from the Easter Aftermath

We’ve just finished up another Easter. That means that my house is full of chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs, while my Facebook feed is full […]

April 22, 2019 2 minutes


Does Your Church Check All the Boxes on Easter Bingo?

We love a good Easter Sunday service and celebrating our Savior, but sometimes we have to chuckle at how predictable we Christians are at this […]

April 15, 2019 1


John Crist’s Newest Comedy Team Up is Hilarious

A few weeks ago, John Crist welcomed a kid from the audience on stage during a show. Check out John Crist’s tweet to see the […]

April 16, 2019 1


7 Songs You Are Guaranteed to Hear This Easter

The sacrifice that Jesus made for us can never be repaid but through worship we can tell Him just how much that sacrifice means to […]

April 18, 2019 1


Unplanned is an Important Movie to See

Last weekend Dumbo was the number one movie in theaters across America. It will likely be number 1 again this week. But I believe the […]

April 04, 2019 2 minutes


A Skeptic’s Review of the “Unplanned” Movie

I was afraid to see the movie Unplanned. I heard I would be seeing an abortion onscreen and I didn’t know how I would react […]

April 04, 2019 5 minutes


Did You See Lauren Daigle’s Post About Her New Boyfriend?

Lauren Daigle is the queen of April Fools Day with her April 1st post announcing her new boyfriend! Swipe right on her Instagram post below […]

April 01, 2019 1


8 Twitter Accounts to Make You Smile

Sometimes it feels like I only see bad news and angry people on social media. Whenever I start to feel this way, I search out […]

March 26, 2019 2 minutes


One of the Greatest and Most Difficult Lessons in Parenting (from a Mom of Adult Kids)

I have found one of the greatest lessons – and most difficult things – required as a parent, is this: LETTING GO. If you think […]

March 19, 2019 2 minutes


3 Things Taylor Swift’s Elle Essay Taught Me About Friendship

True to form, pop star Taylor Swift has set the tone for her upcoming 30th birthday with a personal and beautifully reflective cover story for […]

March 11, 2019 4 minutes