Has Social Media Wrecked Your Confidence?

I’m a big fan of social media. In fact, when my son was a preschooler, he said one day from the backseat of the car, […]

December 14, 2017 5 minutes


Can You Struggle with Depression, and Be Joyful, at the Same Time?

An excerpt from Blessed are the Misfits: Great News Who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something In A Beautiful Mind, […]

December 06, 2017 5 minutes


See What Your Favorite Christian Artist Loved about “I Can Only Imagine”

We still have a few months before “I Can Only Imagine” hits the theaters on March 16th, but to get you even more excited check […]

November 20, 2017 1


Zach Williams Shares His Must Have Thanksgiving Dish!

Zach Williams loves to cook. Remember that amazing chicken piccata he made? He’s back to share one of his new favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. Fall Roasted […]

November 20, 2017 2 minutes


The Most Refreshing Conversation on Race You’ll Hear All Day

Brant and Sherri have worked together for years now. In their recent podcast, they had an honest and truly helpful conversation about race, Charlottesville, and […]

November 16, 2017 2 minutes


Here is How I Know God Cares About What is Stressing You Out

Life is too much sometimes. In those moments when our hearts are stressed or hurting, we can either bring it to God or try to […]

November 01, 2017 3 minutes


Transform Your Confidence Level By Changing This One Bad Habit

Goals can be easy to set but hard to achieve. That’s the lesson that I’ve been learning the hard way this year as I attempt to […]

October 17, 2017 2 minutes


How to Be a Millennial That People Will Actually Like

“Listen here, millennial…” The term millennial denotes, “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000,” but has quickly declined to mean an entitled, ignorant, […]

October 18, 2017 3 minutes


4 Things You Need to Remember When God Makes You Wait

You’re about to take a leap into the next phase of life. You have a beautiful plan, dreams you can’t shake, and people backing you. […]

October 12, 2017 3 minutes


What to Do When Worry is Wrecking Your Life

Unemployment is the WORST. My dad has been looking for steady work for almost a year now, and my worry for my family has seemed […]

October 10, 2017 4 minutes