Butcher Prays With Customer In Grocery Store

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“This past week, my dad had a stroke and is currently in the hospital. My mom is extremely worried about her husband – the love of her life for the past 62 years. My dad has been doing the grocery shopping and has shopped at the same grocery store for years. The butcher, Mitch, always knows what he will order and how he likes his meat cut. They have become buddies over the years. Even on the days my dad doesn't order anything, he will still stop by the counter to talk to his friend Mitch. They share a laugh, a conversation and then my dad continues his shopping. Yesterday, I took my mom to that same grocery store. She went to the deli counter to get some meat. Mitch noticed her and wondered where my dad was. When my mom told him about his stroke, this sweet man immediately reached over, grabbed my mother's hand and said the most beautiful prayer for my dad. His kindness lifted her spirits so much. With tears in her eyes, she thanked the man who has become my dad's friend. Ya'll…this is what it means to "love thy neighbor". What a beautiful example of God's love happening right at the deli counter. What I saw fully in that moment…Love people with everything you have and don't be afraid to reach over the counter to show it.” (Via Tara Storch/ ATG Inquiries) @allthingsgoodco

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