A Christian’s Honest Thoughts on Voting

There’s no shortage of billboards and notifications on social media reminding us to vote.

I’ve tried early voting four times in the last few days but it’s like pulling up to a mall at midnight on a Black Friday. Overwhelming and way too long of a line. I’m tempted to wonder if my vote even matters? Is it worth making the time to go back?

As I pull out of the parking lot, I remind myself of the incredible opportunity all of us have to contribute our values and our faith to our nation through voting for leaders that will make decisions that honor the Lord, His character and His commands for us.

What a privilege, as believers, to be instruments God uses in His nations! So often we forget that His sovereignty and authority is usually done through the obedience of His children. Although He doesn’t need us to accomplish His sovereign will, He loves to work through His children! You could sweep the kitchen floor yourself, right? You don’t need the kids to do it for you, but how delightful it is when they help with cheerful and servant hearts! It brings joy to our hearts when our children offer to help us accomplish something. It’s a similar situation with the Lord.

Obedience is the center of an active relationship with Jesus. When we are obedient to His calling to show up for His truth in our nation, we can rest assured we’ve done our part to support and contribute our faith to our nation. The rest is in His hands. We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of obedience, He does.

No matter who you decide to vote for locally, statewide, or federally, every single name on that ballot is a sinful, fallen, broken human being. Every single one. Not one of them is Jesus. They all have their unique lists of sins they struggle with, and they all need a Savior.

I recently saw a beautiful graphic on social media that said, “Kamala is beloved. Donald is fearfully and wonderfully made. Mike is cherished. Joe is important enough that I died for him. – Jesus Christ”

Are we viewing the world, as it is today, with a Biblical worldview or a human one? No politician, no human in a leadership role, will ever be God. They do not have the power of God or the ability to save us. God has not left His throne or abandoned His plan. He makes no mistakes. He is the ultimate authority over all of it. No one man or woman in our corrupt and fallen government has the power to trump God. No one.

He desires for us to believe Him, stay rooted in Him, stay actively talking to Him through prayer, and be obedient to His callings on our lives.

The question is, how are our hearts? Are they solid and rooted in our loving, passionate, patient and long suffering God? Or are they rooted in social media, the news, and political chatter from family and friends that keep us anxious as we ride the emotional roller coaster?

Our God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He will not change. He knows how all of this goes down.

Cast your vote and take a moment to pray over it as you do. Lay your vote at the foot of the cross and walk away confidently that you contributed your faith to our nation. No matter what happens, who wins, or what the future holds, God already has the victory!

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